Neech Bhang Raj Yog - Lagna Bal - Lagnik Yog Karaka and Ayog Karaka Graha

Neech Bhang Raj Yog

Neech Bhang Raj Yog : It is a yog where Neech Grahas ( Debilitated Planets ) starts to give better result than expected, as per general rule neech grahas tends to give adverse result but neech bhang raj yog reduces the ill effects of neech grahas.

1)     When Neech Graha is at kendra from lagna or moon

2)     When any planet is at neech position but the lord of the house is itself exalted  and sitting in kendra.

3)     If the house lord of  neech grah is sitting at its own house from the kendra of lagna or moon

4)     If the planet that gets exalted in the sign where a planet is debilitated is in a kendra from the Lagna or moon

5)     Neech grah and uccha grah are sitting in same sign

6)     Neech grah is aspected by rasi lord

7)     Neech grah and rasi lord are sitting at same sign 

Neech Bhang Raj Yog - Lagna Bal - Lagnik Yog Karaka and Ayog Karaka  Graha

Lagna Bal ( Ascendant Strength )

1)     Lagna lord is in lagna or lagna is aspected by lagna lord.

2)     Lagna lord should get three varga

3)     Lagna is not aspected by melific planet except lagna lord

4)     Lagna lord is not defeated in war where it is sitting

5)     Lagna lord should not be combust or retrograde

6)     Lagna lord is vargottam in navamsa

7)     Lagna lord is in lagna with a natural benific planet

8)     From lagna, 6th, 7th and 8th House containing benefic planet

9)     Good relation between lagna lord and kendra lord

10)   Good relation between lagna lord  and trikon lord

11)   When neech bhang raj yog happens with lagna lord

Lagnik Yog Karaka and Ayog Karaka  Graha

Mesh Lagna

Lagna Lord & 8th Lord Mars auspicious

2nd & 7th lord Maraka ( Venus )

3rd & 6th lord prabal Asubha ( Mercury )

4th Lord Moon & 5th Lord Sun Yog Karaka

9th Lord & 12th Lord Jupiter Subh

10th Lord & 11th Lord Saturn Asubha

Vrish Lagna

Lagna Lord & 6th Lord Venus auspicious

2nd Lord & 5th Lord Mercury Good

3rd Lord Moon Asubh

4th Lord Sun auspicious

8th lord & 11th Lord Jupiter Asubh

9th Lord & 10th Lord Saturn Raj Yog Karaka

7th Lord & 12th Lord Mars Prabal Maraka


Lagna Lord & 4th Lord Mercury Yog Karaka

2nd Lord Moon Maraka ( if the position of moon is good then reduces ill effects)

3rd Lord Sun Asubh

5th Lord & 12th Lord Venus subh

6th lord & 11th lord Mars asubh

7th lord & 10th lord Jupiter asubh

8th lord & 9th lord Saturn subh


Lagna lord Moon Subh

2nd lord Sun good

3rd lord & 12th Lord Mercury asubh

4th Lord & 11th Lord Venus asubh

5th Lord & 10th Lord Mars Raj Yog karak

6th Lord & 9th Lord Jupiter subh

7th Lord & 8th Lord Saturn Maraka


Lagna Lord Sun Yog Karaka

2nd Lord & 11th Lord Mercury Asubh

3rd Lord & 10th Lord Venus Asubh

4th Lord & 9th Lord Mars Raj yog Karaka

5th & 8th Lord Jupiter Subha

6th & 7th Lord Saturn Maraka


Lagna Lord & 10th Lord Mercury raj Yog karaka

2nd & 9th Lord Venus asubha

3rd & 8th Lord mars maraka

4th & 7th Lord Jupiter Asubh

5th & 6th Lord Saturn Good

11th Lord Moon asubha

12th Lord Sun Asubha


Lagna & 8th Lord Venus Subha

2nd & 7th Lord mars Maraka

3rd and 6th lord Jupiter Asubha

4th and 5th Lord Saturn Raj yog Karaka

9th and 12th Lord Mercury subha

10th Lord Moon Asubha

11th Lord Sun Asubha


Lagna Lord and 6th Lord Subha

2nd & 5th Lord Jupiter Subha

3rd & 4th Lord Saturn Asubha

7th & 12th Lord Venus Asubha

8th & 11th Lord Mercury Asubha

9th Lord Moon Subha

10th Lord Sun Subha


Lagna & 4th Lord Jupiter Raj Yog Karaka

2nd & 3rd Lord Saturn Maraka

5th & 12th Lord Mars Subha

6th & 11th Lord Asubha

7th & 10th Lord Asubha

8th & 9th Lord Partially Subha


Lagna Lord & 2nd Lord Partially Good

2nd Lord & 12th Lord Jupiter Asubha

4th Lord & 11th Lord Mars Asubha

5th & 10th Lord Venus Raj yog Karaka

6th & 9th Lord Mercury Subha

7th lord Moon Asubha

8th Lord Sun Asubha


Lagna and 12th Lord Saturn Asubha

2nd & 11th Lord Jupiter Maraka

3rd & 10th Lord Mars Asubha

4th & 9th Lord Venus Raj Yog Karaka

5th & 8th Lord Mercury Partially Subha

6th Lord Moon Asubha

7th Lord Sun Asubha


Lagna & 10th Lord Jupiter Raj yog Karaka

2nd & 9th Lord Mars Subha

3rd & 8th Lord Venus Prabal Maraka

4th & 7th Lord Mercury Asubha

5th Lord Moon Subha

6th Lord Sun Subha

11th & 12th Lord Saturn Asubha