Appearance of Planets

Appearance of Planets

1 ) Sun : Square Body, Curly hair, red eye, dark red complexion, Strong Bones, attractive voice.

2) Moon : Slim but rounded body, attractive appearance, white complexion, restless nature,  sexual urge,  sweet spoken.

3) Mars : Fierce red eye, tough & muscular body, fair complexion,  aggressive.

4) Mercury : Slim beautiful body, large red eye, dark green complexion, medium height,  energetic, good speaker, childish nature.

5) Jupiter : big belly, fat body, yellow eyes, deep knowledge, bright yellow complexion , religious, knowledge of books, forgiving nature, kind to all.

6) Venus : handsome dark brown, poet, grace, intelligent, love to live like king, knowledgeable,  broad chest, long arm.

7) Saturn : Tall lean & weak body, large teeth, dark colored, lazy.
Appearance of Planets